Sunshine High School-Admission

"Come Let Us Live For Our Children" -Froebel.

In Sunshine, teachers are academic guides who stimulate creative and inventive thinking among students and the ability to approach problems from different angles. Our aim in every classroom is to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Teaching- Learning process is made more motivating in Digi- classes. The educational, social and cultural interests of the children are taken care of by highly qualified and experienced group of teachers. The school ensures a Physical Educational program for the healthy growth and well being of students.

The last word, SUNSHINE HIGH SCHOOL is not a pretentious school, and it provides an environment in which children can really grow.

ADMISSION PROCEDURE - Documents Required:

  • 1. Four passport size photographs of the child.
  • 2. Two photocopies of the birth certificate along with original (which will be returned).
  • 3. One family photograph.
  • 4. Photocopy of blood group certificate.
  • 5. Vaccination certificate for Polio, Triple Antigen: M.M.R, B.C.G, D.P.T, Hepatitis- A&B and Chicken Pox...
  • 6. Transfer certificate & last mark Sheet from the previous school.
  • 7. Copy of Aadhar/ Voter Card / Pan ( any one ) of Parents
  • 8. Aaadhar of Child ( Not Compulsory) 
  • 9. For foreign students, passport along with visa required (except Nepal).
  • 10. Vaccination Card / Other Medical details if any 

Admission form along with the above documents can also be sent to the school office via mail / wts app or post. Admission Forms can be downloaded from our site.

 Contact details : 

    1. EMAIL :

  • 2.  POSTAL: Sunshine High School, Bank Road, Naya Bazar, Kurseong, Dist - Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

  • 3. MOBILE ( Wts app)  - 9734155003

  • 4;  PHONE : 0354 23 44822  / 9733388003/ 7797965318/ 6295393257  / 6297150167 / 6297128358 / 6295399632