Hostel Facilities

HOSTEL-Sunshine High School

"Come Let Us live For Our Children"- Froebel.

Pastoral Care:

The quality of the arrangement for pastoral care in the school is outstanding and concern for the children’s well being pervades the life of the school.

School Infirmary:

 We maintain a well equipped infirmary that provides first aid to the students in need, under supervision of two full time  qualified in-house nurses. A Doctor visits once a week and on demand to check on students who are unwell and suggest a further course of action if necessary and for check- up of other children if the need arises. .The   basic development of students is checked and reported monthly by the school nurse. The School community is educated about health standards through various health programs and projects.

Dinning  Hall:

The School gives proper  attention to promote healthy eating. There are effective policies and programs in place for example, healthy breaks, health  promoting shows and healthy eating workshops, to encourage the children to adopt a healthy lifestyle.The  School maintains two kitchens for vegetarian and non vegetarian food. We provide an exciting balance of modern and traditional approach to food services, catering for the  needs of all our students.

An Overview

1. Separate hostel blocks for boys and girls.

2. Comfortable homely boarding facility.

3. A very high  standard of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained and taken care of. 

4. A Wide range of supervised game facilities for children to choose from.

5. Wholesome planned meals.

6. Special Sunday activities like movie shows and other entertaining and recreational activities

7. Children are taken for outings /walks at regular intervals.

8. Special remedial classes for slow learners are arranged.

Our Aims:

Make school a happy , comfortable and conducive  environment to bring about  holistic development.

Strive for Excellence in all fields

To prepare the  child for a  better tomorrow